Cheetaweb is a marketing agency that helps clients create noticeable products. They have been helping their partners grow and develop their online presence since 1998.

In addition to a strong analytics and IT skill set, their technical team also has background from modern art to professional dance. This allows them to not only provide technical solutions for business needs, but also an understanding that online presence
is an extension of personal brand in real life.

They are excited to work on building, refining and expanding online identity.


Cheetaweb is a company with many years of experience. 

So what was the challenge, you ask? Well, Cheetaweb asked us to create for them a total rebranding, starting from logo and ending on website design. 

This was a very first big project for us where the whole team was involved and the logistical workflow was a must here.


Previous logo design was the very first logo the company has designed and they stick with it since 1998. As you can see, it was begging us to make it look beautiful and clean 🙂

What did they expect from us? The main goal was to create a modern logo that would fit company’s expectations. So.. what were the expectations? This is the most difficult stage in whole process of designing. Why? Because sometimes it’s really hard to convey what we actually want, especially for ourselves. “We” as a client meaning are the most challenging customers to deal with.

“The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.” – do you know this proverb?

Yes.. That’s why Cheetaweb was believing in common cooperation. And you know what – we did it! 🙂

Ok, we admit it wasn’t easy. We figured out the hidden customer’s concept after many days of discussion and hours of designing different logotypes.

Cheetaweb was not happy with the “paw” idea. They were inspired somehow by the cheetah animal but they did not want to include it in the logo. The claws in previous logo had to be forgotten. This was supposed to be a totally new design. And there was even more hidden under the name than we thought.

“It doesn’t need to refer to the cat, rather the abstract concept of performance/speed.”

We changed the strategy – focus just on one letter “C”. That was the key. And we finally found the key words that were describing Cheetaweb in all.

as people like to get their stuff delivered, and sites need to load on time

as this is what the internet is about

as that is the business focus

Colors & Fonts

What would a design be without colors?

Well, it still can be a nice design but we believe that color is equal to personality that each human has 🙂

It is well known that colors affect us as recipients and the way people define a company.

We placed a bet on PURPLE. This color combines stability of blue and the energy of red. It symbolizes the power and creativity.

Chosen font: Montserrat

Website Design

Logo – checked!
Colors – checked!
Font – checked!

Time to design a website!

After a deep research and a long conversation with Cheetaweb, we started creating a website skeleton. We surely would not be able to design anything without knowing the details about the goals our Customer wanted to achieve. 

Keep in mind that asking accurate questions bring you closer to solutions that face up your Customer needs 🙂

And remember – the USER comes first!