Ukrainian Zouk Carnival

The Ukrainian Zouk Carnival is the biggest Brazilian Zouk event in Ukraine that becomes more and more popular among dancers from all over the world.

Its organizers used to share information and register the participants via Facebook. But the time comes for each business to level-up! A website makes any business look professional, helps it showcase clearly its products and services, and encourages more visitors to contact.


We prepared an individual brief for the organizers to fill out, with multiple options and examples. After a small discussion, we came to conclusion that a one-page website would perform the best. The structure is confirmed; let’s check its convenience and create wireframes.


The Ukrainian Zouk Carnival brand has already worked on its identity, so our task is to implement the existing logo, font, and colors in our website design.

We combine the joyful yellow and the tasty violet into a lush gradient. We also scatter gray brush strokes that soften the powerful color palette and at the same time add dynamics to geometrically organized sections.

Banners, mobile version

Finally, we design the main banner of the website with the event slogan and the directors’ picture, as requested. The page immediately becomes inviting and homey. We also create the same banner for the mobile version of the website and check that all other sections are responsive and beautiful on all existing devices.

Just one task left: to create a copy of the page in Russian so more international dancers may enjoy it!