Sydney Charisse

Sydney Charisse is a ballet-trained dancer, choreographer, teacher, and helpless lover of Brazilian Zouk and community building.

When she asked us to create a website for her, she described it as a business card website: one page, clear structure, essential information only.
And – bright! Because dancers like it bright!

According to our agreement with Sydney, we were ready to make a small website for her in
10 hours. Nice challenge for our sense of priorities with the taste of deadline. Ready? Go!

Hour 1

First of all, we should take care of hosting for Sydney’s website and make all necessary settings, like the theme, access, plugins, etc. While our technician is working on the basics, our designer is looking through Sydney’s pictures. This one is great for the first screen, it’s bright and catchy! Plus, it looks like we’ve found our color palette here. We’re picking two blue colors for a nice contract, a juicy red for accents, and a light gray to make the whole thing look united. Sydney confirms this red is her favorite!

Hours 2–3

It’s time to organize the content Sydney sent us.

Clear structure is vital for any website. We determine the sequence of blocks, but at the same time we think about good-looking visual rhythm, correlation between texts and medias.

We also take time to select a balanced trio of fonts as it influences the perception of any website at first glance. Our fonts are supposed to evoke positive emotions, define the hierarchy of the content, and be harmoniously contrasting to each other.


Hours 4-8

Our prototype is ready, so let’s build the website! Some improvements always come in mind. For example, we invert the Portfolio and the Video sections as videos are the best presentation for dancers, isn’t it? We also find more user-friendly solutions for some elements like accordions.


Hours 9-10

At the last and incredibly important phase of the web design process, we pay maximum attention to various tests. We check that Sydney’s website looks good and works properly on all devices, and make necessary adjustments. As a bonus, we add basic SEO settings, making the website visible and fast.