SwayD Shoes UK

For SwayD UK we had to create a website from square one. Our client wanted to rebrand the company and have a different website for the UK market. Our goal was to come up with a bright and modern website.

Two graphic designers worked on the logo, favicon, and whole web-design. And then our web designer implemented their ideas on the website.


The main goal was to simplify the whole site.

Surely we started with creating the wireframes. 

One of the main tasks was to make the website fully responsive. Our designer came up with a simple yet flexible layout, that looks neat both on desktop and smartphones. All main banners are nicely stacked when you change your browser width or switch devices.

Colors & Fonts

SwayD UK decided to go with a bright color palette, and they fully trusted us in choosing one. We decided to choose a few vivid colors as the main colors in order to stand out. And our client loved the result!

Chosen font:

Montserrat – headings & buttons

Domine – body/descriptions