SwayD Shoes

Their mission is to inspire dancers throughout the world. Through their line of innovative products and services, they aspire to cause others to fall in love with the magic of self expression on the dance floor.

SwayD not only needed a new website but they wanted to redesign their visual brand identity as well, so we had a double challenge here. Our main mission was to simplify the logo and design the web so it’s super user-friendly according to it’s functionality.


The main goal was to simplify the whole site. Previous page contained main menu and an additional menu above which was a bit confusing for potential customers. Section above menu was mainly directed to dance teachers and Wholesalers.

It was difficult to convince SwayD to move the secondary menu to the bottom of the site. We discussed and presented our idea of a new web design proposition, explaining
User Centered Design rule.

Asking the right questions and giving customers explanation is the happy medium!


SwayD Shoes used two basic colors – burgundy and dark blue. 

We had to come up with colors that would match new company’s concept. Before COVID-19 pandemia started, selling shoes for social dancers was the main goal. Right now, when people are distanced more than usually, SwayD had to put more attention to their secondary target audience – line dance, mostly country dance. 

It took a while to actually find the best colors that would bring out the new concept without loosing the main target audience at the same time. 


Previous logo design was a print and cost demanding project. That’s why we focused on creating a really simple and clean design which could solve this problem and be matchable for both – print and web.


SwayD does not only offer shoes but things related to them just as bags, shoe brushes, insoles. 

Print media items are very important in advertising, so we have been asked to design some of them as well.