F1 Destinations

Are you interested in F1 Grand Prix? If your answer is yes – great, have a look at this website and you will find everything you need there, for sure! If your answer is no, we can strongly recommend you to become familiar with it – you might get sucked into it!

Lately, we had a huge pleasure to redesign a website for this customer. It was a pure roller-coaster ride! But don’t get us wrong – we enjoyed it a lot and would definitely do it again.

Back to the point though. F1 Destinations is a travel guide website focused on all aspects related to Grand Prix – starting from buying tickets and booking accommodation to the best ways to get to the circuit and off-track activities. 


Our customer wanted to keep the structure of his old website as much as we could. Our task was to improve the user experience and come up with a clearer interfaces that would be fully responsive.     


colors & fonts

There was no specific color palette for the site. Our designer came up with two basic colors.

As the subject matter is racing – red color is the best choice. The logo itself includes this color too. Red intense color is associated with energy, danger, strength, power and determination. All these features are strongly connected with racing industry.

Font: Abel