AIcopy is a pioneering organization for content creators and managers, dedicated to advancing and supporting the trade. 

Our primary tasks were to establish its visual style, to
develop a website that would combine the functions of a news website, a blog
with multiply authors, a forum, and an educational platform, to fill up the
site with content, and to prepare it for further growth.

We decided to create a modern news website which visual style would be determined by geometric simplicity and clarity of elements. As they say, “Good design is invisible” – such design wouldn’t draw focus away from the content and would look very natural and discreet.


First of all, we created the AIcopy logo that would fit in the general concept  clean, simple, stylish. Out of several options, our team has chosen the boldest one – it’s crisp and evokes unobtrusive associations with typewriting.


We’ve chosen black and white for primary colors: it would look like a cool newspaper style and create a proper background for bright news banners, framing and uniting them. We also added some tiny red and blue accents.

building the website

We designed the home page with clear categories, a convenient article template based on classical two block structure, secondary and landing pages, menus and other essential elements. And, of course, we made the whole site responsive so it looks great on all devices!

Finally, we filled up the website with content to check how it looks “live” (it looked great!). We also made sure that the website has some important plugins, including a SEO-plugin – so it’s all nice and prepared for further marketing promotion.