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Five WooCommerce plugins that will make your life easier

Given that there are thousands of plugins out there, how do you go through them all and find the best for your online store? We’ve got this covered.

We’ve gone through and curated plugins that can help your store in a variety of ways. You might not need every single plugin from this list. But the main aim is to bring together high-rated plugins that are useful to the majority of WooCommerce stores.
1) Elementor Pro

Drag-and-drop page builder plugin, that stole our hearts. We have a detailed review of all pros of Elementor here.

2) Metorik

Metorik provides you with a single dashboard for all your online stores and offers a segmenting system, allowing you to filter your data by anything.

It was created by Bryce Adams, an ex-Automatic engineer who worked on the core WooCommerce plugin before leaving to launch Metorik.

Metorik generates detailed reports and charts faster than any other available tool. The load on your site’s admin dashboard is reduced since you can do everything from Metorik and therefore make your site faster.

3) Stripe Payment Gateway
If we were to choose one and only payment gateway plugin, it would be definitely this one. Stripe is extremely easy to use, operating in over 40 countries with over 135 currencies. If you’re in doubt about which payment gateway to use, Stripe is a great starting point.
4) WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This plugin helps you create packing slips that you can include in the parcels that you send to your customers. Also, you can automatically add PDF invoices to your order confirmation email.

Invoice templates are fully customizable with HTML and CSS, though this requires at least basic knowledge of these tools.

5) Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
Usually, WooCommerce displays only the text name of each variant. But with this plugin, you can use custom swatches instead. For instance, you can display colors of your product variations instead of just listing their names. You can also use your own custom images for each variation.

Hence, the plugin greatly enhances the user experience. Your customers don’t need to reveal a dropdown selection box and see what options are available for the variable product. Without pressing extra clicks and wasting extra time, they can quickly select the option they want.
This sums up our collection of the best WooCommerce plugins that will help the majority of online stores. Of course, there are thousands of plugins, so we cannot cover every useful plugin. Feel free to share your favorite plugins in the comments!

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