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Why plugin updates are crucial for your website

As admin support, I have to update all plugins on our websites each week. Sometimes you can’t really see the difference – plugin works as before, all functionality might be the same, and yet if even minor update comes up, you have to update it. It may be quick if your plugin is installed directly from WordPress, but if you’re using plugins form third-party distributors like Nobuna or ThemeForest, it may take some time. Is it actually worth it to check for updates that often?

Yes. Here’s why:

1) Security

Hackers are adept at finding weak spots in plugins and software in general and taking advantage of it. They rely on people who forget to update their themes, plugins, and WordPress itself. The plugin developers release updates that contain patches and fixes to reduce bugs and to protect your site from attacks.

According to Sucuri, 39% of hacked WordPress websites in 2017 were using an outdated version of the software.

2) Performance and new features. Simple as it is.

Especially if we’re talking about WordPress release – each new version comes with improved speed and performance. Since speed is crucially important in SEO, you should definitely keep your WordPress updated to ensure the highest performance.

Recent WordPress release 5.4 has a long list of color-related features and some great changes in Gutenberg editor. New release allows us to easily use social icons in posts, add buttons block instead of a single button block and play with colors in group blocks.

3) Buy, bugs!

On the average, each WordPress release, even minor one with X.X.X (like 5.4.1) fixes about 15-20 errors from the latest release. Almost every new release of any plugin has some improvements, that will improve user experience on your website.

To sum up, always remember that updating plugins on time is much easier than fixing a hacked website.

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