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Elementor Review. Is it really that great?

Spoiler: it is.

If you’re struggling to place your content where you want it, style pages in a specific way, then Elementor can help you to do all that. Let’s admit, default WordPress block editor doesn’t allow you to play with design much, and it’s hard to build a beautiful layout using just default tool. And here comes Elementor.

So, what are the pros?

1) It’s free.

There actually are many more popular options, like Beaver or Divi Builder. However, none of the two mentioned has a free subscription or trial. You have to pay minimum $89 in order to try it on your website. Meantime Elementor comes with a variety of tools that won’t cost you a penny.

Later on, if you want to have an extended choice of block and template options, you can buy an Elementor Pro access, which comes with enhanced possibilities and fancy block options. But still, you can build a beautiful website using only free subscription.

2) Easy to use for beginners

Elementor has a visual drag-and-drop interface which is pretty easy to grasp. It comes with a broad range of elements that allow you to simply organize all content on your page with the drag and drop tools. Hence, no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is required.

However, if you are a web designer, you will find a lot of possibilities to play with CSS in Elementor. Each block has an “Additional CSS” section, where you can include any custom code that makes your possibilities almost unlimited.

3) Responsiveness

While responsive web design may be a pain in the neck sometimes, Elementor allows you to make your website completely responsive on different devices. You can easily change dimensions of each block and adjust it to desktop, tablet, and mobile view. Again, all of it – without any prior knowledge of media queries.

4) The control is in your hands

Another good thing about Elementor, is that you have control over pretty much everything. When I edit something in WordPress, I often have some odd behavior that has to be fixed via custom CSS. Elementor settings are very detailed, so you can edit all margins, paddings, alignments and even set up motion effects for any element on your page.
I think it’s a good idea to watch a few tutorials before you start working with Elementor – just so you know how many more ideas you can implement on your website to make it marvelous.

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